Southern North Sea
7 December 2018

Vertical appraisal well on Pegasus West, forming the southern limb of the Greater Pegasus faulted anticline structure, with Intra-Carboniferous structural closure dependent on combination of Intra-Carboniferous shales and Silverpit halites and claystones at base Permian to define trap for Westphalian A and Namurian B and C channel sandstone reservoirs. Gas proven in offset wells down 11,684 ft TVDSS. Well objectives include proving commercial reserves and locating Intra-Carboniferous top-seal. Well encountered gas in three clean channel sands showing good permeability in Westphalian A and Namurian C objectives at 10,985–11,325 ft. Individual sands tested at rates from 8–42 mmcfgpd.