West of Shetlands
11 December 2018

Vertical appraisal well to define potential Phase 3 development options on the Clair Field. Relatively thick Lower Clair Group prognosed at down-flank location on Clair Ridge, with Units III and V as main reservoir objectives. Well encountered unprognosed Upper Clair Unit IX at 5,254 ft TVDSS, overlying lower part of Unit III at 5,510 ft TVDSS, with main targets absent due either to erosion or faulting. Moderate to poor reservoir quality in sandstones down to 5,694 ft TVDSS, overlying tight Unit I/II sandy conglomerates to top basement at 6,780 ft TVDSS. Oil samples recovered from Units IX (gravity 24.6° API oil with GOR 322 scf/bbl) and Unit IIIa.