Central Graben
12 March 2019

Vertical HPHT exploration well on Glengorm; re-drill of wells 22/21c-12 and 12A, junked due to problems drilling Quaternary boulder beds. Low relief faulted anticline on west flank of large intra-basinal high within West Forties Basin with Freshney (Heather Formation) and Fulmar (Puffin) objectives; both of late Oxfordian age. Top Freshney prognosed at 14,268 ft TVDSS, planned TD of 16,503 ft TVDSS in Fulmar. Anticipated formation pressures 12,500–14,500 psi, with BHT 326–392° F. Estimated P50 reserves 73 mmbbl OE with COS 45%. Well encountered 123 ft net rich gas/condensate pay in high quality Upper Jurassic reservoir with reported preliminary reserves of 250 mmbbl OE.