Viking Graben
10 May 2019

Three well appraisal programme to acquire data and determine reserves to support field development plan. Main hole targeted Heimdal III geobody (Tyrone) and well 9/2a-7Y Heimdal I geobody (Tiree) with 9/2a-7Z a horizontal geotechnical well to evaluate injectites and Heimdal III sand on Kraken Central. Tyrone objective absent in main hole, with 32 ft oil column in unprognosed thick Maureen Sandstone from 3,985 ft TVDSS to oil-water contact at 4,017 ft TVDSS. Well 9/2b-7Z drilled full oil column in massive Heimdal II sand. Well 9/2a-7Y encountered oil in thin-bedded Heimdal I to III sands at 4,677–3,828 ft TVDSS and 98 ft column in Maureen from 3,920 ft to oil-water contact at 4,018 ft TVDSS with residual zone down to 4,070 ft TVDSS.