Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
27 May 2019

Drumtochty exploration; low relief Lower Balmoral channel with amplitude/Class 2/3 AVO support. Main pilot hole for reservoir depth/fluid content with contingent sidetrack as double to cut core/run DST. Main hole junked. Re-spud deviated east, with 17 ft oil column in Lower Balmoral from 6,811 ft (6,533 ft TVDSS) to oil-water contact at 6,560 ft TVDSS; 37° API oil sample recovered. Sidetrack drilled from 133/8" shoe with 131 ft core cut in basal Lista, including oil-saturated injectites from 6,818 ft (6,527 ft TVDSS), into water-wet Balmoral at 6,846 ft (6,564 ft TVDSS). Pipe-conveyed pressure survey showed 90 psi pressure depletion from Balmoral and Blenheim production.