Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
3 June 2019

Exploration well on Lily, terrace prospect at c. 7,000–7,750 ft between two W-E trending faults, down-thrown from Peregrine Field, with reservoir pinch-out to W onto Grampian Spur and dip-closure to E. Main hole junked at 4,064 ft due to poor hole. Sidetrack deviated SW with S-shaped profile with final offset of 709 ft. Punt 2A objective at 7,322 ft (7,190 ft TVDSS) 152 ft gross with 50.5 ft net thin-bedded sand but no pay. Burns (primary objective) at 7,601 ft (7,469 ft TVDSS) low to prognosis, with no sand development. Sgiath Sandstone at 8,022 ft (7,890 ft TVDSS) had 12.5 ft net with no pay. No shows reported.