Southern North Sea
10 June 2019

Vertical Crosgan appraisal. Whitby Sandstone (Visean) objective in subconformity trap on west flank of anticline truncated and sealed below BPU and Zechstein. Dry gas in Z2 Hauptdolomit secondary target. Several thin gas sands (26 ft net) in Yoredale (7,689 ft TVDSS) above Whitby Sandstone (8,030 ft TVDSS). Whitby 38 ft gross with full gas column; porosity 14.7%. Gas samples show high CO2 (6.4%). Gas-water contact not picked due to low permeabilities in section below. Whitby objective was 264 ft deep to prognosis, thinner and anticipated (109 ft prognosed) with poor permeability from mini-DST. Contingent DST and down-flank sidetrack cancelled.