West of Shetlands
25 June 2019

206/9a-3, 3Z
Clair appraisals on NE Clair Segments 6 and 5; NE-SW trending horst with dip to NW. Vertical well 206/9a-3 on horst proved oil in Clair from 5,584 ft TVDSS to free water level at 6,749 ft TVDSS, but with Lower Clair objective Unit V faulted out and Unit IX over Unit IV at 6,134 ft TVDSS. Oil samples recovered. Sidetrack 206/9a-3Z deviated NW along dip, with upper Unit V objective drilled on inclination of 75–80°, but well drilling up into Unit VI repeatedly due possible faulting. Clair V and VI oil-bearing to TD at 10,499 ft (7,469 ft TVDSS) and tested at peak 2,150 bopd.

Vertical appraisal on Clair NE Flank segment to confirm hydrocarbons and test potential for fracture stimulation of low permeability of Upper Clair Unit X objective; prognosed below BCU on terrace area. Thin oil bearing sands in probable Lower Cretaceous over BCU at 6,010 ft TVDSS; 151 ft deep to prognosis. Unit X absent with very poor quality Unit IX subcropping. Cored 1,532 ft section, with minor oil bleed from fractures. Oil samples recovered and limited valid pressure points located free water level at 6,824 ft (+/- 50 ft) TVDSS.