Viking Graben
30 October 2019

Vertical exploration well on Boatswain, with primary Maureen Sandstone objective in stratigraphic trap with amplitude support defined by up-dip and lateral erosion by submarine canyons infilled and sealed by Lista claystones. Heimdal channel/injectite secondary target. Heimdal sands at 4,021–4,150 ft TVDSS water-wet with no shows. Massive Maureen sand unit at 4,413–4,494 ft TVDSS with 23 ft heavy, biodegraded oil column to oil-water contact 4,436 ft TVDSS. Porosity 33%, mean calculated permeability 5,634 mD, Sw 46%. Minor oil in overlying argillaceous sand. Oil sample recovered (11.5° API, GOR 14.3 scf/bbl, viscosity of 244 cP).