Viking Graben
30 October 2019

Deviated well, with appraisal sidetracks, on Calleter prospect. Faulted anticline with Beryl objective and secondary Lower Jurassic/Lower Eocene (Frigg) injectite targets. Well drilled vertically with water-wet Frigg, then deviated NW to structural crest. Oil (42° API) in Beryl at 11,663 ft TVDSS (118 ft pay) with separate 40° API column in Nansen (12,434 ft to oil-water contact 12,520 ft TVDSS). Sidetracked west to separate fault block; single oil column in Beryl 11,891 ft to oil-water contact 12,100 ft TVDSS. Second sidetrack deviated SE on crestal block; oil in thin Beryl/Eiriksson (11,687 ft TVDSS) over long column in Cormorant 11,894–13,780 ft TVDSS with 41–42° API samples recovered. Well suspended with 7" liner.