Southern North Sea
30 October 2019

Slightly deviated exploration well on Sillimanite fault block structure with Lower Ketch objective subcropping Lower Permian Silverpit and sealed to the north by Westphalian B claystones across reverse fault. Deep Westphalian A/B objective to acquire aquifer pressures for regional control. Lower Ketch at 12,096 ft TVDSS 352 ft gross with 149 ft gas column to FWL at 12,245 ft TVDSS (92 ft high to prognosis); 78 ft net pay, porosity 11.4%. Tested 20.41 mmcfgpd (28/64" choke) with no stimulation. Murdoch Sandstone at 13,112 ft TVDSS 102 ft gross/79 ft net, porosity 13.3%. No shows.