Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
20 November 2019

Exploration well on Ravel. Primary target Forties Sandstone in NW-SE trending channel. Dip-closure (5,220–5,440 ft) defined by depositional mounding/compaction. Possible clay plug gives stratigraphic upside. Conformable amplitude/AVO support with possible flat-spot. Strong overlying amplitudes mark possible gas in draped Cromarty Sandstone secondary target. Well re-spudded twice. Cromarty gas-bearing at
5,014 ft TVDSS with full 142 column and 26.5 ft net pay. Top Forties at 5,156 ft TVDSS 97 ft high to prognosis with oil column 5,176 ft to oil-water contact 5,373 ft TVDSS; 197 ft with 126.5 ft net pay. Gas, oil (22.8° API) and water samples recovered.