Southern North Sea
21 November 2019

Deviated exploration well from Leman South template to Leman SW tilted fault block with contingent appraisal/development to Leman South (North Lobe) faulted anticline. Main hole proved Leman reservoir deep to prognosis with sub-commercial 22 ft gas column (218 ft prognosed) from 6,578 ft to gas-water contact 6,600 ft TVDSS. Well plugged back and sidetracked NW to North Lobe. Well 53/2a-15Z junked in Bunter Shale and sidetracked. Well 53/2a-15Y proved 139 ft gas column from 6,675 ft TVDSS to field gas-water contact at 6,815 ft TVDSS, with 116.5 ft TVT net pay and average porosity 18%. Well completed and tested 56 mmcfgpd (maximum rate) before being placed on production.