West of Shetlands
29 November 2019

Appraisal sidetrack, deviated SW from main hole, on Mustard prospect with Solan Sandstone (Lower/Middle Volgian) objective in combination down-thrown structural/stratigraphic trap located on NE flank of East Solan Basin. Well encountered tight cemented sand in the Upper Solan at 9,638 ft (8,796 ft TVDSS) and upper part of main Solan Sandstone at 9,676 ft (8,832 ft TVDSS), with porous oil-bearing sand at 9,697 ft (8,852 ft TVDSS); 27 ft TVT gross with 9.6 ft of net pay. Reservoir drilled on inclination of 16–17° and logged LWD only with pressure survey but no samples. Reservoir section was plugged and well suspended at 133/8" casing shoe.