West of Shetlands
29 November 2019

Clair Field appraisal with planned horizontal section through fractured Lower Clair reservoir (Unit VIc to V) and Lower Cretaceous Victory (K20/K30) sandstone secondary objective on horst block (Hex-B target). Oil saturation from Macbeth K72 sandstone from6,439 ft (24° API sample), with oil in K30/K20 Victory objective from 6,693–7,203 ft (6,197–6,406 ft TVDSS; 19.50° API sample). Well drilled sub-horizontal in Lower Clair from 7,203 ft to TD at 11,024 ft (6,406–6,718 ft TVDSS) and completed over two separate zones through uncemented 7" slotted liner. Flowed 22.8° API oil at high initial rate declining with time (test details not released).