Southern North Sea
1 April 2020

Vertical exploration well and mechanical sidetrack on Darach Central prospect, a low-relief faulted anticline structure with closure from 7,500–7,700 ft at base Permian and potential stacked objectives in Farne Group (Yoredale facies and Fell Sandstone). Main hole proved oil in 145 ft TVT gross Zechstein limestone, with 939 ft TVT Yoredale and 1,335 ft TVT Fell Sandstone objectives believed to be water-wet. Sidetrack proved oil in 12 ft TVT gross Zechstein reservoir. Well flowed maximum 3,500 bpd with 79% water cut. Recovered 62 tonnes oil and 15,000 Sm3 gas during clean-up but test abandoned without completing planned EWT.