Southern North Sea
7 May 2020

Exploration well to Grove Deep; NW-SE trending anticline, fault-bounded along south limb with Murdoch Sandstone (Westphalian B) and Westphalian A channel sandstones, sealed by Westphalian B claystones below producing Ketch (Westphalian C) Grove Field reservoir. Well deviated ESE at 30° inclination. Ketch subcropped base Permian at 10,862 ft TVDSS with 41.5 ft net gas pay. Full gas column in Murdoch Sandstone (12,382–12,462 ft TVDSS); net/gross 0.957, porosity 9.7%, Sw 28.2%. Permeability < 1 mD (rotary SWC). Gas saturation in Westphalian A to FWL c. 12,540 ft; indicates trap in small dip-closure with residual gas to c. 12,900 ft indicating larger fault-bounded trap was breached.