Moray Forth/Witch Ground Graben
7 May 2020

Sparrowhawk West appraisal well with Kopervik Sandstone objective with oil and gas prognosed to 11,230 ft as extension of Sparrowhawk East (21/3f-8) discovery; combination structural (fault-sealed)/pinch-out trap, with well target on small dip-closure. Well deviated ESE with objective drilled in inclined hole at 23°. Kopervik Sandstone at 11,123 ft TVDSS with 14 ft gas column and 11 ft oil column to oil-water contract at 11,148 ft TVDSS in thin-bedded sandstone overlying massive sandstone with residual hydrocarbons to possible palaeo-contact at 11,232 ft TVDSS. Base sandstone 11,399 ft TVDSS. Results indicate dip-closure full to spill with larger trap breached and sealing fault separating Sparrowhawk West and East.