West of Shetlands
11 May 2020

Sub-vertical Clair appraisal on 12-1 East tilted fault block. Cretaceous (Macbeth K72, Victory K20/30) and Lower Clair objectives and Jurassic secondary target. Macbeth Sandstone at 6,009 ft TVDSS oil-bearing but mainly low permeability. Oil in porous basal Macbeth, Victory Sandstone and Upper Jurassic Rona Sandstone from 6,196–6,376 ft TVDSS, with good to excellent reservoir quality. Column extended into subcropping low permeability Lower Clair Units II/III with oil down to 6,692 ft TVDSS, at top of tight Unit I conglomerate. MDT data show single oil column. Core extracts confirm common oil type. Rona Sandstone perforated and tested 25.7° API oil at maximum 950 bopd, with minimum permeability 235 mD.