Central Graben
11 May 2020

Deviated exploration well on Jasmine North A, a tilted horst block dipping north with Joanne Sandstone main objective at 15,400–16,550 ft and secondary Pentland and Josephine targets. Well encountered minor sand development in Pentland at 14,581 ft (62 ft gross; net/gross 0.15) with Josephine Sandstone subcropping at 14,643–14,970 ft TVDSS (327 ft gross), with net/gross 0.29 and average porosity 13%. Joanne Sandstone at 15,750 ft TVDSS was 125 ft deep to prognosis and drilled to TD with net/gross 0.33 and average porosity 14%. All sands water-wet with no shows. Formation pressure at 14,807 ft TVDSS was 12,236 psi (0.826 psi/ft), with an over-pressure of 5,350 psi indicating Jasmine North A is located in Kessog pressure cell.