Central Graben
25 May 2020

Exploration well with primary Tay objective in WSW-ENE trending injectite complex with strong amplitude support (Laverda prospect) at 3,726–3,966 ft TVDSS and secondary Fulmar inter-pod (Slough prospect), with lateral seal against a Smith Bank pod at 5,393–5,438 ft TVDSS. Well encountered low net/gross Tay deep to prognosis from 3,814–4,007 ft TVDSS, with gas-oil contact at 3,881 ft TVDSS and extrapolate oil-water contact at 4,013 ft TVDSS. Net 3 ft gas and 11.5 ft net oil pay with gas and 22.5° API oil samples recovered. Thin water-wet sands age equivalent to Fulmar objective in Kimmeridge Clay (5,410–5,550 ft TVDSS).