Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
26 May 2020

Appraisal wells on the Finlaggan gas/condensate field, with the vertical main hole testing the previously undrilled southern field compartment. This well encountered 39.1° API oil in an over-pressured, isolated Britannia 50 Sand at c. 11,750 ft TVDSS, but with the main 40/45 Sand reservoirs water-wet high to the fluid contact seen in the discovery well (due to a likely intervening sealing fault), with pressure depletion from Brodgar Field production. The 21/5c-7Z well proved good quality reservoir and a full gas/condensate column at 11,740–11,910 ft TVDSS in the northern fault block drilled by the discovery wells. Well tested 40 mmcfgpd + 3,120 bcpd.