West of Shetlands
26 May 2020

Vertical exploration well on the Craster prospect, a four-way dip-closure on a NE-SW trending structural terrace down-thrown from the Rona Ridge. Potential objectives in Lower Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic, but with stratigraphy below the base Cretaceous poorly defined. Well encountered possible hydrocarbon saturation in the Macbeth Sandstone (13,210–13,412 ft TVDSS) and water-wet sand development in Commodore and Victory formations from 14,000–15,969 ft. Upper Jurassic sandstones and conglomerates from 16,247 ft TVDSS to TD also water-wet. No shows reported and all sands were tight and hard, with pervasive quartz and carbonate cements.