Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
15 June 2020

Exploration wells on Storr prospect with objectives in Beryl and Nansen on west-dipping tilted fault block with reservoirs truncated up-dip against BCU. Main hole deviated east to Nansen objective towards crest, junked in Maureen and re-drilled. Well 9/19b-19Z proved stacked short oil and gas columns in Linnhe and 292 ft gas/condensate column in Nansen at 10,52 ft TVDSS. Sidetrack 9/19b-19Y deviated west to Beryl objective proved stacked short oil and gas columns in objective and Nansen water-wet at 11,476 ft TVDSS. Interpolated pressure data indicate possible oil leg in Nansen. Light oil and gas/condensate samples recovered.