Central Graben
15 June 2020

Appraisal/geotechnical well drilled from the Franklin platform to evaluate upward encroaching gas in fractured Tor and Hod and gas in over-pressured Hod Anomaly. Original well accidentally sidetracked twice and 29/5b-F10X mechanical sidetrack lost with BHA stuck. The 29/5b-F10W sidetrack drilled successfully to Tor and Hod Anomaly objectives in vertical hole with final offset 279 ft SW of surface location. Low gas at top Tor (11,587 ft), with gas increasing from 12,392 ft (top pressure transition zone). Hod Anomaly from 14,164 ft (13,968 ft TVDSS) to TD was cored. High gas saturation from logs and 12.5–27.5% total gas. Formation pressure 12,037 psi at 13,973 ft TVDSS (0.86 psi/ft). Well suspended with 7" liner.