Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
18 June 2020

Vertical exploration well on the Ranger prospect. Dip-closure draped over Jurassic tilted fault block, with stacked objectives, but primary Balmoral target, with closure from 4,050–4,200 ft and conformable Class III AVO anomaly. Secondary Frigg, Beauly and Lower Balmoral objectives. Well encountered probable heavy oil in Lower Frigg (2,509 ft to oil-water contact at 2,545 ft TVDSS) and full oil column in Upper Beauly (2,860–2,931 ft TVDSS). Main Balmoral objective in low density claystones and argillaceous siltstones at 4,163–4,249 ft TVDSS with no reservoir development. Lower Balmoral (Ranger East) objective was not seen. No wireline logging/sampling.