West of Shetlands
19 June 2020

Final appraisal on Lancaster oil field. Objectives to confirm reservoir parameters and reserves in support of field development. Main hole deviated NW to test four fault zones in Lewisian basement reservoir, with horizontal appraisal/development sidetrack deviated SE to intersect thirteen mapped fault zones. Pilot hole lost circulation at top basement, proved oil down to 5,401 ft TVDSS and tested 6,300 bopd 37.6° API oil; mainly from two large fractures. Aquifer encountered but not sampled. Sidetrack drilled 3,303 ft sub-horizontal basement section, with strong fracturing throughout, at inclination of 85–87° at 4,104–4,363 ft TVDSS and tested 6,530 bopd (15,375 bopd on ESP).