Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
18 August 2020

Appraisals on Liberator and Serenity with Captain Sandstone objectives. Well 13/23c-9 tested Upper Captain Sandstone mound up-dip of Liberator discovery 13/23d-8; objective absent with Lower Captain below anticipated oil-water contact at 5,270 ft TVDSS. Deviated well 13/23c-11, drilled following re-mapping encountered 220 ft gross Captain reservoir deep to prognosis with 15 ft TVT oil pay to oil-water contact at 5,270 ft TVDSS. Well 13/23c-10 on Serenity pinch-out trap designated appraisal of Tain discovery. Proved potential 512 ft oil column (165 ft TVT gross pay) in Captain and Coracle, but with main pay in 20 ft TVT Captain sand at 4,740 ft TVDSS. Porosity 24.5%, 31.5° API oil recovered. Pressure data supports communication with Blake and Liberator and potential deeper
contact at 5,270 ft TVDSS.