Southern North Sea
6 October 2020

Vertical appraisal on Harvey, mapped as a NW-SE trending Leman fault block lying below the Triassic/Jurassic Dowsing Graben. Well located on structural crest mapped from PreSDM data with top Leman Sandstone prognosed at 6,801 ft TVDSS, with c. 500 ft gross reservoir and 221 ft gas column to gas-water contact at 7,012 ft TVDSS (from well 48/23-2). Top Leman at 7,086 ft MD, c. 150 deep to prognosis, with 49 ft gas column to gas-water contact in 479 ft Leman sand to TD. Two cores cut, gas
samples recovered and VSP run. Well abandoned as non-commercial discovery (c. 5 bcf recoverable) in separate closure to 48/23-2 gas pool.