West of Shetlands
6 October 2020

Greater Warwick area wells with faulted/fractured Lewisian tonalite basement objectives in separate fault-bounded compartments. Both wells drilled with 1 km horizontal sections and encountered anticipated seismically defined fault zones, but with reservoir quality poorer than anticipated. Lincoln appraisal 205/26b-14 deviated NW with 2,362 ft completion at c. 5,807 ft TVDSS testing average 4,682 bopd (42° API) and maximum 11,183 bopd + 5.19 mmcfgpd. Warwick West exploration deviated SE with 3,055 ft completion at c. 6,037 ft TVDSS testing average 1,300 bopd (44–45° API) and maximum 3,800 bopd + 0.26 mmcfgpd.