Viking Graben
27 November 2020

Vertical exploration well/appraisal sidetrack on Corona prospect; injectite play with conformable Class II and III AVO anomalies over Frigg channel. Dip-closure at main hole target (C1), with sidetrack evaluating stratigraphic upside down-dip (C2 target). Main hole junked and re-spudded, with 136 ft and 235 ft oil column (193 ft net oil pay) proved in 703 ft gross Frigg injectite from 5,034 ft TVDSS. Gas, 18–20° API oil and water samples recovered. Sidetrack deviated NNE encountered 63 ft gas over 235 ft oil (250 ft total net pay) from 5,099 ft TVDSS. Wells proved common gas-oil contact at 5,170 ft and oil-water contact at 5,405 ft TVDSS.