Viking Graben
21 December 2020

Deviated exploration wells, with main hole on Kinord West and sidetrack on Kinord East prospects; separate fault terraces on relay ramp along East Shetland Platform Boundary Fault. Both wells had Beryl and Lewis objectives, with Katrine submarine fan sands in down-thrown Kinord East terrace. Both wells drilled target section in inclined hole parallel to fault trend to optimally test all objectives. Main hole encountered 31 ft oil column in Frigg at 3,292 ft TVDSS, but with Devonian Old Red Sandstone subcropping Heimdal at 5,779 ft TVDSS with no shows. Sidetrack drilled thin Shetland Limestone 356 ft deep to prognosis over undated Red Beds at 8,820 ft TVDSS with no shows.