Central Graben
10 February 2021

Ultra-HPHT exploration well on Baroli, a low-relief tilted fault block structure, with closure at top Fulmar from 17,220–17,525 ft. Well kicked off from Shearwater NW donor well 22/30b-A9 at 3,310 ft and drilled on an azimuth of 322° and maximum inclination of 49°, dropping to 18.5° at top Fulmar at 22,227 ft (17,366 ft TVDSS). Well drilled 430 ft (404 ft TVT) Fulmar section with 159 ft TVT gas/condensate column to FWL at 17,525 ft TVDSS, with net/gross 0.95, porosity of 22% and Sw of 54%. Upper zone completed for production through 5" liner.