Southern North Sea
10 March 2021

Exploration well on FB9 West, a fault-bounded structure overlying a small graben with Upper Carboniferous (Westphalian C) Ketch Formation fill preserved below the base Permian unconformity. Structure inverted during Variscan, with closure (high to adjacent Cygnus Field gas-water contact) from 11,110–11,290 ft against bounding faults to N, W and SW. Lower Ketch 2 and 1 Member sands formed main objectives. Well, deviated slightly NE to avoid glacial channels and Plattendolomit rafts, encountered water-wet Lower Ketch sands with no shows at 11,108–11,464 ft TVDSS (159 ft net, porosity 13%) and Murdoch Sandstone (drilled for seismic calibration) at 12,022–12,115 ft TVDSS.