Viking Graben
12 March 2021

Vertical HPHT appraisal/exploration well on the Sween prospect down-flank to 4/26-1A dry gas discovery targeting two Middle Oxfordian turbidite sandstone fan lobes; Lobe A (upper appraisal target) and Lobe B (lower exploration target) in pinch-out traps defined by amplitude softs/acoustic impedance and sealed by enveloping Heather claystones at 15,300–18,000 ft. Well encountered gas in thin unprognosed porous sand at 16,983 ft TVDSS (13.5 ft net pay, porosity 18.9%), with underlying thin sands and Lobe A (17,270 ft TVDSS) and Lobe B (17,600 ft TVDSS) gas-bearing but generally tight. Well deepened to Oxfordian Lobe D secondary target but with no sand development.