Central Graben
31 March 2021

Appraisal well on Avalon, a Cromarty Sandstone channel/slope apron fan pinch-out trap with dip to E from 4,470 ft to oil-water contact anticipated at 4,643 ft TVDSS marked by conformable limit of AVO/inversion anomaly. Anticipated oil but gas-cap risk within independent dip-closure over channel. Well deviated SE and encountered gas over oil with main reservoir at 4,546 ft TVDSS, gas-oil contact at 4,572 ft TVDSS and oil-water contact at 4,608 ft TVDSS (35 ft high to prognosis) with total 164 ft net pay. MDT samples of 21.5° API oil (GOR 216 scf/bbl) and water recovered.