Central Graben
31 March 2021

Exploration well on Glengorm faulted anticline. Primary target late Oxfordian (J54) Freshney Sandstone turbidites within Heather; closure from 13,400–14,700 ft. Top reservoir prognosed 14,268 ft TVDSS, with well drilled to Fulmar secondary target, top Pentland Coal marker (prognosed 15,895 ft TVDSS) and planned TD 16,503 ft TVDSS (licence commitment). Anticipated formation pressure 12,500–14,500 psi, BHT 163–200° C. Main hole junked at 923 ft due to washout around 30"x36" annulus. Re-spud, with similar losses, junked at 929 ft. Wells located in glacial channel with soft friable clay fill likely reason for well failures.