Central Graben
31 March 2021

Vertical exploration well on the Lifjellet prospect, a three-way dip-closure in an Upper Jurassic mini-basin on the Jæren High with dip-closure for the Ula Sandstone objective to the east from 9,777–10,450 ft and up-dip seal against a Smith Bank pod. Original well junked at 589 ft (462 ft TVDSS) after failing to run 36" conductor. Re-spud 22/10b-9A encountered Fulmar at 10,207 ft TVDSS (133 ft deep to prognosis), with 131 ft gross of very fine-grained Kimmeridgian aged sand with no shows/saturation over 163 ft Skagerrak and 111 ft Smith Bank to TD in Zechstein at 10,657 ft TVDSS.