Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
28 April 2021

Vertical appraisal on undrilled eastern mound of Yeoman, a dip-closure at 5,200–5,328 ft within a WNW-ESE trending Lower Balmoral channel. Anticipated gas (with strong amplitude/AVO anomaly) over oil. Well proved 372 ft gross Lower Balmoral reservoir from 5,270 ft TVDSS to TD, with 24 ft gas column over 45 ft oil column to oil-water contact at 5,339 ft TVDSS from wireline pressures. Net pay 55 ft; porosity 28%, Sw 20.5%. Cores in oil zone and aquifer recovered high poroperm unconsolidated sands. Sampling recovered gas, 33.4° API oil (viscosity 6.0 cP, GOR 244 scf/bbl) and water.