Viking Graben
17 May 2021

Vertical exploration well on Titan, an east-dipping Balder injectite wing with strong amplitudes and AVO. Full oil column anticipated in 310 ft massive sand. Small Heimdal II dip-closure was a secondary target. Well encountered massive, high net/gross Balder injectite at 5,481–5,664 ft TVDSS (183 ft gross) with 19.75 ft net oil pay to oil-water contact at 5,501 ft TVDSS and breached, residual column to 5,531 ft TVDSS. Minor residual shows below and in Balder Sandstone Member (5,819–6,288 ft TVDSS). Heimdal II target, at 6,882 ft TVDSS to TD was water-wet with no shows. Find considered sub-commercial.