Central Graben
18 May 2021

Capercaillie appraisal, deviated in main hole NE to basal Eocene Cromarty stratigraphic (channel) trap, with 25 ft gross massive sand at 9,311 ft TVDSS, light oil column and oil-water contact at 9,334 ft TVDSS. No sands in Lower Tay secondary target. Exploration sidetrack deviated SW to low-relief dip-closure. Remobilised upper Tor chalk primary and Lower Lista (Andrew) secondary objectives defined by seismic attribute anomalies. Lista sands thin and water-wet. Porous Tor chalk unit at 10,119 ft TVDSS with full 36 ft gas/condensate column, with deeper porous chalks water-wet. Possible gas-water contact at 10,178 ft TVDSS. Oil, gas and water samples recovered. Well suspended with 7" liner.