Viking Graben
23 June 2021

Exploration well on the Chimera prospect, a NNW-SSE trending Lista (Upper Heimdal) geobody defined by strong ultra-far amplitudes (Class II AVO) and rock physics indicating 22° API oil in a stratigraphic pinch-out with dip-closure to the east from 4,430–5,315 ft. Well deviated NNW with offset at top Heimdal of 840 ft; target drilled at inclination of 21.3°. Heimdal objective at 5,036–5,302 ft (4,811–5,059 ft TVDSS) consisted of interbedded grey siltstones and claystones (average shale content 46%) and only minor stringers of very fine-grained sandstone with no significant net reservoir. No shows were reported.