Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
28 July 2021

Liberator appraisal, deviated ENE to mound feature in Captain Sandstone channel on block 13/23d. Prognosed 266 ft TVT reservoir at 5,559 ft (5,195 ft TVDSS) with 266 ft TVT gross reservoir and 75 ft oil column to oil-water contact at 5,270 ft TVDSS seen in discovery well. Reservoir encountered 117 ft deep to prognosis and below oil-water contact at 5,712–5,914 ft (5,312–5,465 ft TVDSS) and was water-wet with no shows. Reservoir 202 ft (153 ft TVT) gross with net/gross 0.895, average porosity 27.3% and Sw 94.8%.