Southern North Sea
13 September 2021

Near vertical appraisal on Harvey; NW-SE trending Leman fault block lying below the Triassic/Jurassic Dowsing Graben. Well located on structural crest mapped from PreSDM data with top Leman Sandstone prognosed at 6,801 ft TVDSS with 211 ft column to gas-water contact at 7,012 ft TVDSS (discovery well 48/23-2). BHL offset 790 ft NW of surface location to avoid shallow hazards. Encountered 49 ft gas column in Leman from 6,849 ft TVDSS to gas-water contact at 6,898 ft TVDSS indicating small, separate, non-commercial discovery. Two 90 ft cores cut, gas and water samples recovered and VSP run.