Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
28 October 2021

Vertical exploration well on a structural/stratigraphic trap with primary objective stacked basal Cretaceous Upper Punt channel-fill sandstones (Finzean prospect) and secondary Upper Jurassic Burns and Ettrick fan sandstones (Ferrick, Ulysses) on a fault terrace along the northern flank of the Buckie Ridge. Dip-closure to east from 3,510–4,800 ft, with up-dip pinch-out to west. Trap is fault-bounded to south (against lower Kimmeridge/Heather claystones) and north (against Valhall). All sands expected to be in pressure communication. Targets drilled from 3,886–4,840 ft TVDSS with good-quality reservoirs but no shows or saturation. RCX pressures confirmed common water gradient throughout reservoir section.