Viking Graben
28 October 2021

Exploration well on Garten; deviated ESE. Down-thrown fault terrace with Middle Jurassic Beryl (primary) and Linnhe (secondary) objectives requiring up-dip fault seals to W and S and dip-closure mapped to E from 11,500–12,800 ft. Oil column in poor-quality Callovian sandstone at 11,321–11,470 ft TVDSS. Full column of 40.3° API oil in Beryl/Linnhe extending down into Nansen/Eiriksson, from 12,891 ft (11,967 ft TVDSS) to TD 15,510 ft (13,440 ft TVDSS); 700 ft net pay with average porosity 15.9% and Sw 13.6%. Well suspended with 7" liner and re-entered later for completion as producer tied back to Beryl Alpha.