West of Shetlands
14 December 2021

Appraisal well on NW flank of Cambo to determine commercial STOIIP in Hildasay Sand and run EWT. Deviated pilot hole proved 57.8 ft TVT net pay from 7,528 ft TVDSS in Hildasay Upper (H50/H40) Sand and upper part Hildasay Main (H30) Sand to oil-water contact at c. 7,628 ft TVDSS. Oil gravity 23° API Horizontal appraisal 204/10a-5Z abandoned after exiting top H50 reservoir and re-drilled as 204/10a-5Y. Well completed with screens/gravel pack. EWT over 1,612 ft gross H50 interval (with 1,548 ft net pay) over 10.9 days recovered 6,755 tonnes oil and 396,042 Sm3 gas at maximum 4,993 bopd. Well suspended with pressures gauges installed.