Viking Graben
12 January 2022

Vertical appraisal with deviated sidetrack on South Maclure (Ballindalloch) Balder injectite play, with hydrocarbons indicated from seismic amplitude and inversion data high to oil-water contact in adjacent Maclure and Tulloch fields. Main hole junked with re-spud encountering full oil column in Balder B2 injectite from 5,635–5,673 ft TVDSS. Oil samples recovered. Appraisal sidetrack, deviated NNW to test two separate sand bodies, encountered gas in thin unprognosed Frigg sand at 5,342 ft TVDSS, gas in relatively thin sands in upper objective (5,489–5,520 ft TVDSS) and oil in lower objective, with 22.4 ft TVT net pay from 5,634–5,727 ft TVDSS oil down to. Deeper sand water-wet. No samples attempted.