West of Shetlands
7 February 2022

Exploration well, deviated from the Edradour Field template SW to the Glendronach prospect, a faulted stratigraphic pinch-out trap in a submarine fan system of the Albian Royal Sovereign Sandstone at 11,516–12,368 ft; down-dip of high-pressure gas in a thin sand in well 206/4-2. Well 206/4a-4 encountered 151 ft of net gas/condensate pay in the Spinnaker at 10,948 ft TVDSS, 168 ft of oil pay in the Black Sail (a possible oil-rim to Edradour) at 11,421 ft TVDSS and full gas column in 223 ft gross (182 ft net) Royal Sovereign at 12,077 ft TVDSS, which flowed at 41.2 mmcfgpd but with high Hg content.