West of Shetlands
17 April 2019

Cambo appraisal well to determine STOIIP in Hildasay Sandstone and run EWT in support of Phase 1 field development. Located high on NW flank of Cambo anticline with near-vertical pilot hole proving more than 100 ft gross/58 ft net oil pay in Hildasay; 23° API oil recovered on wireline. Sidetrack 204/10-5Z abandoned and re-drilled as 204/10a-5Y, with 1,612 ft horizontal section in Hildasay, tested over 10 days at
5,000 bopd dry oil. Well suspended with pressures gauges installed. Test and pressure data showed rapid recovery to virgin conditions, showed good lateral connectivity, several hundred million barrels of connected volume and potential recoveries of 30–35% of STOIIP.